Trend-Trading-Tookit-MonitorDr Stoxx’s Trend Trading Toolkit
It’s like having Dr Stoxx as your private trading coach!  13 powerful scans, 11 Expert Advisories, 6 Chart Templates!  Powered by Metastock, the best name in the business for technical scans, realtime charts and backtesting.

super-pcSuper PC
For all your trading computer needs.  Largest online inventory of trading computers and multi-monitor setups.  Be sure to email Dr Stoxx for your 5% discount code: Please click here to Contact Us

Trade-MinerTrade Miner
For your next trade, long or short!  Harness the power of artificial intelligence to identify recurring seasonal trends in stocks, futures and forex!

eSignal-Logo  eSignal Charting
The premier charting, scanning and back-testing tool for active traders!

Featuring the “Advanced GET” product: