Hi, Dr. Carr. Just wanted to take a moment and tip the hat to you on HPJ. I don’t always agree with the newsletter picks, but I’m glad I did today! I’ve learned a lot from you over the past couple of years with the books and manuals, the newsletters, and the website, and I’m grateful. Trading with you has been my best investment decision to date.  Thanks. 
I. L.
“Thanks for explaining the position on that TC. I will give you 11/10 for “exceedingly good” customer service!”
“BINGO! +7 pts. on RIMM (nice daytrade call, held through earnings, i know i shouldn’t have but glad i did!), +2.5 on AMZN, +3 pts. on SWIR, +2 pts. on AKAM, +1.5 pts. on AFFX, +2 pts. on CHKP, +1 pt. on CREE, all in 1 week. Last week cashed out 2 pts on AVP and 3.5 pts. on YHOO along with a couple small losses. Total = +$13,578 in 2 weeks trading!!!”
“I’m 12 for 12 on your trades! Keep them coming!”
“I just wanted to drop you a note TC to say thank you. I have been with your Daily Newsletter for 2 weeks now. I’ve closed 7 swing trades and made $678 on them. And I just played my first option play. Bought SNDK May 30 calls when it triggered your entry price. I only bought 2 contracts since i’ve never bought options before and need to learn how they trade. I got in at $3.00 and out at $4.60 when the stock hit 33.00. That’s another $320 in 2 days! YES!! I know you are holding but I didn’t want to let it ride ove the lnog weekend. This is the easiest grand I ever made! Thanks!”
“Some great calls this week, TC! GM calls (+30% 4 days), KOPN short (+14%, 3 days), ALKS long (+10%, 2 days), SONE long (+27%, 2 days)…what’s the secret? Keep up the great work!”
“Congratulations on your website and fulfilling your dream. I followed you for a couple years and participated (minimally) when I could on the Silicon Investor BTTT thread. I haven’t been able to keep up with you the last 12-18 months and now I see you have your site that you always talked about. I’m happy for you and hope you are successful in your dream. I will be signing up for your service hoping I will be able to take advantage of your continued insights. God Bless.”
“Excellent call on SNDK, Dr Stoxx! Just sold my puts for +110%!”
“Again, employing just my “lunchtime trading strategy” I find myself closing my 3rd profitable month with your BTTT trading servcies. My account is now $23,879 in the black since starting with you!”