managed stock market accountsDr. Carr manages “The 8:18 Fund”, a limited partnership hedge fund that seeks positive returns in all market cycles by taking long, short and capital-neutral positions in equities and equity options.  The 8:18 Fund is open to accredited investors, IRA’s, Trusts, Corporations, and a limited number of non-accredited investors.

Dr. Carr is also in the process of setting up a managed account service where your Interactive Brokers account would be linked to The 8:18 Fund.  Every trade he puts on in the Fund would also be placed in your account. Please note that, unlike “The 8:18 Fund”, there is no accounting support, tax preparation, or K-1 filing for this service.  Your account remains in your name and you are responsible for all tax liabilities.

Our fees are among the lowest in the industry, and our redemption and withdrawal policies are far more flexible and accommodating than anything you will find elsewhere.

Minimum Deposit: $50,000 for The 8:18 Fund or $40,000 for the managed account service

Monthly Management Fee: 0.008% annualized ($33/mo. On $50,000)

Monthly Performance Fee (charged only on High Water Mark basis): 18%

For more information, Please contact Dr. Stoxx. Be sure to check that you want more information about the Managed accounts!.