Cheap Stocks Letter: Sep 13

Market Comments: So good to see follow-through today, and a new breakout highs for the current run.  Smallcaps and financials are still lagging but key tech, biotech and industrial stocks are all near or at new highs.  This bull run has legs and all systems are firing on green here, but it would be healthy to see some consolidation in the near future.  

Today’s Letter: CS Sep 13

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$MDCA – Breakout Candidate to Buy

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Our “TOP 3 HOT STOCKS SCAN” and the trading system that goes with […]

Buy MOMO Now Before the Bounce

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Momo, Inc. (Nasdaq: MOMO)
Industry: China – Internet Services (Mobile Social Media Platform)
Market Cap: $7.2B
Added: Wednesday, July 5 @ 37.09
IBD Composite Score: 98/100
EPS Growth this Year: +945%
Our 6-month Price Target: $55

About Momo, Inc.:

Momo, Inc., operates as a mobile-based social networking platform in China. The platform includes a mobile app for networking, a video chat app, mobile video games, paid emoticons, mobile marketing, and other services. […]

Can CONN Carry-On Higher?

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Can the Rally in $CVNA Continue?

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Carvana Co. (Nasdaq: CVNA) is one of the few bright spots in this year’s rather dull crop of IPOs.  Shares of the stock initially sold off following its first day of trading as investors were wary that its disruptive way of selling used cars (mail order?  vending machine?) was more about gimmicks than […]

Spicy $SAUC: worth a nibble here

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Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

Nasdaq: SAUC

Industry: Franchise Restaurants

Market Cap: $86M (Smallcap)

P/E: 21.5

P/Sales: 0.5

P/Free Cash Flow: 9.0

Diversified Restaurant Holdings ($SAUC) operates the Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar franchise throughout the United States.  As of March this year, the company had 64 franchised restaurants in 5 states producing $162M in sales (nearly double the market cap) and $4M in net income.  Income grew 801% this year and are projected […]

$REGI: the best clean energy play right now

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Renewable Energy Group (Nasdaq: REGI) is headquartered in Iowa and has been producing clean burning, low CO2 emission fuel since 1996. They turn feed and agri waste into carbon based diesel at a cost of only half of the carbon emissions created by petroleum companies. Nice!

And the company is hugely profitable, trading at super low valuation metrics, and it grew […]

$SNAP: the new $FB or the next $TWTR fail?

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So is Snapchat (Nasdaq: SNAP) the next Facebook (+360% since IPO) or the next Twitter (-80% since its IPO)? I’m not sure, and only time will tell. But for the very near term, shares of SNAP look to be putting in a constructive bottom after trading below $18 (-25% below its opening day price) briefly following a very disappointing earnings report. The massive volume flush […]

$SAUC: Time to Nibble on This Food Stock

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Diversified Restaurant Holdings, Inc.                Nasdaq: $SAUC

Market Cap: $76M

P/E: 21.8                 PEG: 1.2                 P/Sales: 0.46

EPS Growth this Year: 810%

Diversified Restaurant Holdings, founded in 1999, operates 64 Buffalo Wild Wings Grill throughout the U.S.  The stock has been on a tear ever since reporting better than […]

Spartan Motors Racing Higher ($SPAR)

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Spartan Motors (Nasdaq: SPAR)

Market Cap: $297M

Industry: Specialty Vehicles and Parts

Shares of Spartan Motors are up 63% over the past 12 months, including a 42% rally since early March.  Shares trade at only 0.5x sales and under 2x book value.  EPS grew 150% this year and 60% per year over the past 5 years.  With little debt, a 1.1% dividend, and a buy or better from analysts, this is a relative safe momentum play to buy now and hold for […]