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The Trend Trade Letter

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 Now in its 14th year!  Averages 41% per year return! The Trend Trade Letter is available online to subscribers every market day, at least 1 hour before markets open. This Letter trades up to 10 liquid, volatile stocks using the proprietary trading setups described in Dr. Carr’s bestselling book, Trend Trading for a Living.  Holds typically last 10 to 20 trading days. Get exact entry and exit prices on all picks.  Technical chart and commentary with each new pick.  Daily comments from Dr Stoxx on the general market. All picks monitored until closed. 

The Cheap Stocks Letter

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Now in its 6th Year!  Averages 67% return per year! ! The Cheap Stocks Letter is just like the Trend Trade Letter only it trades only 5 stocks at a time, all of which are priced under $10 per share.  It uses the same proprietary trading setups discovered by Dr. Carr.  This letter is ideal for smaller account traders and those new to trading. Holds typically last 20 to 40 trading days.

The Momentum Letter


 Our most profitable letter!  Averages 92% ROI per year.  The Dr. Stoxx Momentum Letter is comprised of 3 parts: the Top 3 Aggressive Longs, the Top 3 Conservative Longs (only S&P500 stocks) and the Top 3 Aggressive Shorts.  The system use in this Letter is a proprietary blend of fundamental (growth + value) and technical (relative strength) features that have been found to consistently outperform all other asset classes in any market condition.  This is a great letter to trade in volatile and bear market conditions.

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The ETF Trend Letter

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   Trade the hot leveraged ETF’s, long and short.  Averages 52% annualized return (since June, 2014).  Dr. Stoxx’s new daily ETF Trend Letter scans over 300 Exchange Traded Funds each evening for the best short-term setups in key sector, index, commodity and futures funds. Each new ETF pick comes with your exact entry price and stop-loss.  Every trade is monitored until closed.  Inverse ETF’s are used to short so this letter is perfect for IRA’s and 401ks.

The Weekly ETF Index Trader

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Long-Term Buy/Sell on 7 Key ETF’s!  Averages 31% per year (since 2007).  The Weekly ETF Index Trader is based on Dr. Carr’s proprietary long-term ETF-Reversal System.  Each week you’ll know whether we are bullish or bearish on 7 major exchange traded funds: the S&P500 (SPY), the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), the Financial Sector (XLF), the Energy Sector (XLE), Gold Mining stocks (GDX), the Real Estate sector (IYR), and the Russell 2000 (IWM).  We are 100% invested in all 7 ETF’s 100% of the time, long or short.  Each new signal, based on very detailed trend analysis, will instruct you to switch each individual ETF from long to short, or short to long.  Holds typically last several weeks to several months.  This is an ideal letter for those who trade ETF’s, options on ETF’s, or stocks within these sectors.

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