kingdom-capitalKingdom Capital, LLC, is the capital management arm of  It will be the overseer for Dr. Carr’s new managed accounts service (planned launch, June 1, 2016).  The managed accounts service is designed for those whose risk profile can allow for the ups and downs of an actively managed account, and whose financial goal is capital appreciation.  Managed accounts remain in your name and can be accessed at any time.  Managed accounts provide the diversification and reward potential of a hedge fund but without the lock-up period.  All managed account holders are responsible for their own tax preparation.  There are no performance fees charged but there is a small monthly management fee charged on assets under management.

Requirements to participate in the managed accounts service are:

  • $30,000 minimum margin account at Interactive Brokers
  • no IRA or tax-deferred accounts, no foreign accounts
  • willingness to be charged a monthly fee for active management

For a more information on managed accounts, please click here to contact Dr. Stoxx.